Transform your business with secure managed cloud solutions, hosted in DXN’s Tier-III certified data centre.

DXN Cloud offers Enterprise grade cloud solutions at affordable pricing. Empower your business with next generation cloud technology and the ability to take advantage of DXN Clouds high quality, reliable and secure cloud solutions.

Our Cloud services include:


Faster App Performance & Better Resiliency
Enterprise grade, fully redundant hyperconverged architecture, backed by lightning fast InfiniBand network and enterprise SSDs.

Australian Built & Hosted
Powered by leading Australian-built technology, and hosted in local DXN data centres.

Unmatched Price to Performance
Choose what you need and pay for what you use. DXN’s high-performance cloud uses a simple ratio system for CPU and memory, and flexible options for storage and networks.

Colocation Racks & Hybrid Cloud
DXN offer package deals for cloud + colocation where customers can host their own equipment in the same data centre and easily burst into the cloud.

Customisable Servers, Storage & Networks
Efficient and flexible cloud to define, provision & manage resources via
DXN portal.

High Scalability & Flexibility
The DXN Cloud allows you to quickly scale your cloud resources up and down to match your business needs.

Secure & Reliable
Hosted within DXN’s secure Tier III data center self-healing storage with rapid server failover for high resiliency.

Local Support Team
Knowledgeable and responsive 24/7 Australian support team.

Simple, cost-effective L2 networking, with peering to existing major data centre providers, and ability to bring in your own transit at cost-effective rates.


“We love that this entire solution was built from the ground up by two Aussie businesses. The Cloud platform has been reliable and fast, and is backed by a knowledgeable local team that’s always available to help. I’m excited about the ecosystem and look forward to working together with DXN to deliver innovative solutions to customers throughout Australia”

Natalie Houlahan

Heads of Marketing and Client Acquisition, Onshoring

Discover the benefits of a Cloud solution built and Hosted in Australia

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Q: What can I do with DXN Cloud?

A: DXN Cloud is a complete end-to-end cloud solution for hosting applications, desktops, phone systems, and more.

Q: Can I use my own hardware?

A: Yes! DXN’s secured Tier-III facilities can support your colocated hardware. Simple L2 networking allows you to burst into the cloud, or create a hybrid cloud environment to support your workloads.

Q: Where is the DXN Cloud located?

A: The DXN Cloud is located in Sydney, Australia.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: DXN Cloud is competitively priced against other cloud providers, with a structure that’s significantly easier to understand, quote, and compare. Talk to our sales team about how you can save money, get better performance, and simplify billing.

Q: I'm an MSP/IT services provider, how can I leverage DXN Cloud?

A: The DXN Cloud supports rebranding of the entire portal, from the design, URLs, available OS templates, and more. Take the DXN Cloud to market with your own brand, bundle with your own suite of tools and services, or host applications for your clients.

Q: What Data sovereignty can DXN provide?

A: We appreciate the growing and legitimate concerns Australian companies have with data sovereignty. The DXN Cloud is owned and operated by Australian-owned companies, hosted in Australia. Data does not leave the country.

Q: What systems do you support out of the Box?

A: DXN Cloud supports virtualised workloads with popular Linux distributions and Windows Server, as well as a suite of enterprise-grade firewall and network appliances like WatchGuard. Hybrid clouds can also be provisioned on bare metal within DXN facilities.

Q: Can you help through my cloud journey?

A: Absolutely. The DXN Cloud architecture and sales teams can assist with migrating, designing, and quoting your cloud requirements. DXN is invested in your success.

Q: What type of Redundancy is in place for DXN Cloud?

A: The DXN Cloud is built upon a redundant storage and network fabric for high performance and resiliency. It is hosted within DXN’s Tier-III certified data centre in Sydney, Australia, with redundant cooling, power, and network feeds.

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