Public cloud delivered to your racks
– securely and flexibly

Organisations need flexible outcomes from their IT solutions and supplementing your data centre services with public cloud services with help you achieve this aim. When applications hosted on public cloud require low latency or high security the solution is to connect directly and privately to the cloud provider, bypassing the internet for connectivity. However, there can be challenges around bridging the gap between the cloud provider’s port and your server.

DXN’s Cloud Span service brings an impressive choice of connectivity to public cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Softlayer. At a DXN Data Centre, your rack is pre-enabled with fibre cross connects and DXN’s connectivity fabric, so you can get connected quickly and easily to the cloud providers of your choice, at a range of bandwidths.

Private and Secure
Why send business data over the internet it could be over a dedicated, private and secure link? DXN’s Cloud Span is direct to public cloud providers, resulting in greater security and more direct and lower latency path than the internet.

Savings & Performance
Some public cloud providers offer more favourable rates for traffic via a private connection than for traffic over the public internet. DXN Cloud Span is your key to unlocking these savings and greater performance.

Integrate Better
Storage, accounting, ERP platforms and other workloads can now find a secure and scalable home in public cloud. DXN Cloud Span takes the benefits one step further by providing a WAN connection that easily integrates into your network environment, providing an “on-premise” experience.

DXN Cloud Span

Shape the cloud you need with DXN Cloud Span.