Reliable, Connected & Secure

DXN offers more than just housing and powering a rack. Our Data Centre Services provide you with what’s needed to get up and running – an environment designed for world class reliability, telco and cloud connectivity and state of the art security.  Add in what’s needed to help you grow – scalability, flexibility and affordability – and you have a winning solution.  Please explore further with the key features below.

DXN Heading of Services Over a Couple of Lines

Key Features

Ready Racks
All our full height equipment racks are ready for use with pre-provisioned multiple fibre cross connects to our carrier neutral telco rooms, dual diverse power rails and a complementary 10Mbps of Internet access included for each customer that can be scaled to suit your needs.

Our facility has electronic access control that secures the facility perimeter plus restricted access to individual data centre modules only with optional electronic rack access control.

Tier III & IV Certified
Our data centre modules have Tier III Concurrent Maintainability or Tier IV Fault Tolerant design certification by the Uptime Institute.

Modular Design & Build
Our modular design is an innovative and non-constrained approach to the traditional data centre model. Customise environmental and physical security to suit your requirements, all certified by the Uptime Institute.

Cloud Connectivity
Our cloud marketplace gives you direct access to Cloud Providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Softlayer all through enabling a simple cross connect.

As you grow, we can meet your power demands with 2KW to 23KW rack allowances. We can also reserve rack space so that you have contiguous space and avoid the all too common scatter scenario.

Carrier Neutral
As a carrier neutral facility, your choice of carriers for your connectivity and diversity needs is not restricted.

Customised modules can be designed and constructed to meet your specific technical and operational requirements – and we provide SLAs to meet those requirements.

Cost Effective
Our modular design means that we can provide innovative cost-effective solutions to house your IT assets today without constraining your future growth.

Our western Sydney and Melbourne locations provide easy access whilst being suitable distances from the CBD and other data centres – perfect for diverse and backup arrangements.

Data Centre Services

DXN offers more than just housing and powering a rack. Our Data Centre Services provide you with what’s needed to get up and running. Download our Data Centre Services document to learn more.