Carrier grade, scalable & reliable internet connectivity delivered to your rack

DXN internet is the perfect companion in every way to the racks that safely house your servers – just like DXN’s racks, choose internet that is reliable, scalable and feature rich.

DXN understands that highly available services still need to interact with the world outside them, one that is demanding  and changing.  Our internet services have been designed to  meet these challenges.  Internet services start at 10Mbps and can scale up to 1Gbps and beyond.  We even provide each customer a complementary 10Mbps internet service to get you connected from day one.

To further enhance reliability and resilience, DXN sources internet from two independent carriers which is integrated and delivered using our software defined network, powered by Fortinet.

DXN’s internet services are complemented by our next generation firewall offering and SD-WAN capability.

Carrier Grade
DXN internet is sourced from Australian wholesale telecommunications providers, providing reliable and direct internet access.

Scale As You Do
Start with a modest 10Mbps connection and scale all the way to 1Gbps and beyond.

IP Address Ready & Scalable
All customers are provided with a dedicated, static v4 IP address.  You can add optional IPv6 address and even bring your own IP address ranges.

Diverse & Resilient
In order to ensure robust resilience, dual carrier diverse internet feeds are used, each terminating on dedicated routing hardware.

Delivered Using Fibre
Our internet services are delivered using fibre from the telco all the way to your rack, ensuring high speed, interference free connectivity.

Firewall & SD-WAN Ready
DXN’s next generation firewall is ready to protect your internet connected services.  SD-WAN capability connects remote sites quickly, securely and seamlessly.

DXN Internet Services

DXN’s internet services have been designed to meet todays challenges and are reliable, scalable and available.