Data centre infrastructure monitoring (DCIM)

  • DXN’s own in-house developed DCIM/BMS remote monitoring system manages, monitors and controls all aspects of our data centers to deliver a superior user experience.
  • Access control via our mobile App enhances the user experience
  • Built-in Preventative and predictive asset maintenance
  • Session tracking enhances safety and security on-site

Mobile Portal

Data Exchange is developing its own in-house mobile app that allows its customers to easily and simply take care of most day to day items of running a data centre.

Allows visibility of all key Data Centre information:

  • Power Draw shown in kW
  • Temperature variation over time
  • Current Data Centre temperature
  • Cooling & Humidity Levels
  • Key Infrastructure monitoring
  • Manage Access to the Module
  • Report an Incident
  • Raise Tickets with NOC
  • Check the Status of an ongoing ticket
  • Real Time notifications of outages

DXN Navigator

DXN Navigator provides all this information and more in real time with extended logging capabilities to help you analyse and detect issues before they become a problem.