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At the heart of DXN’s business are our Data Centre Modules. Each module is designed, engineered and manufactured in our Western Australian workshop. We offer a range of in-house Data Centre design services including concept design, engineering, electrical, networking / telecommunications, installation, operation and maintenance.

A testament to our team’s ability was gaining the Uptime Institute TIER-Ready III and TIER-Ready IV awards, which is a great achievement and the first of its kind for a modular Data Centre manufacturer.  This gives our customers the comfort that they are receiving a solution that will perform with high reliability designed in.

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What does it take to be able to turnkey a modular data centre in house?

  • Highly skilled trade fabricators
  • Design, structural and electrical engineers to design, plan and build
  • A culture of striving to deliver consistency and improve efficiency throughout every step of our operation.
  • Embracing quality through continual improvement.
  • A vendor agnostic approach to source the best products for each application.