Data centre infrastructure monitoring (DCIM)

  • DXN’s own in-house developed DCIM/BMS remote monitoring system manages, monitors and controls all aspects of our data centers to deliver a superior user experience.
  • Access control via our mobile App enhances the user experience
  • Built-in Preventative and predictive asset maintenance
  • Session tracking enhances safety and security on-site

Mobile Portal

Data Exchange is developing its own in-house mobile app that allows its customers to easily and simply take care of most day to day items of running a data centre.

Allows visibility of all key Data Centre information:

  • Power Draw shown in kW
  • Temperature variation over time
  • Current Data Centre temperature
  • Cooling & Humidity Levels
  • Key Infrastructure monitoring
  • Manage Access to the Module
  • Report an Incident
  • Raise Tickets with NOC
  • Check the Status of an ongoing ticket
  • Real Time notifications of outages
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