Land Your Submarine Cable with Confidence

At DXN, we offer turnkey prefabricated modular Cable Landing Station (CLS) solutions that are designed for rapid deployment and built to endure even the harshest environments. Our CLS modules are purpose-built to run as 24×7 unmanned facilities, ensuring seamless operations at all times.

Cable Landing Stations: The Backbone of Global Communications Infrastructure

Cable Landing Stations (CLS) are the Cornerstone of essential communications infrastructure worldwide. These stations play a crucial role in powering undersea fiber optic cables and facilitating the seamless transfer of data across oceans. With our insatiable demand for communication and entertainment, over a million kilometers of undersea cable interconnect every continent on Earth.

At DXN, we understand the significance of reliable Cable Landing Stations that can stand the test of time. That’s why major cable networking companies choose DXN for their CLS solutions. With an in-house team of skilled engineers, electricians, and fabricators, we manufacture world-class products right from our Welshpool facility in Western Australia.

Why Choose DXN Cable Landing Stations?

Unmatched Engineering Excellence: Our quality-assured processes ensure that every CLS leaving our factory floor is thoroughly tested and ready to perform as per design specifications upon activation. We take pride in delivering unmatched engineering excellence that exceeds industry standards.

Resilient Designs: DXN Cable Landing Stations are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. From seismic events to tropical cyclones and corrosive coastal areas, our units are built to endure and ensure seamless connectivity, no matter the challenges.

Proven Track Record: With numerous successful projects deployed globally, DXN has built an unwavering reputation for trust and expertise in the field. Our steadfast commitment to excellence has positioned us as a reliable provider of high-quality solutions for major global submarine cable projects.

If you are searching for a reliable Cable Landing Station solution, DXN has you covered. Let our expert team guide you through the delivery process and ensure your connectivity needs are met with precision and excellence.

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  • Prefabricated cable landing stations specifically designed for the submarine cable industry
  • Rapid Deployment – onsite within 3 months
  • Site Installation by experienced team
  • Australian designed and built in our quality assured factory environment
  • Robust solutions:
    – Surface Protection: C4 standard,
    C5 for high saline coastal areas
    – Seismic Rating – Zone 4
    – Cyclone Category 5 rating
  • Customizable DCIM with remote monitoring options available