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DXN Limited offers a unique opportunity for investors to capitalise on the growing Edge data centre market.
What you need to know

DXN believe in challenging the status quo of how traditional modern data centres enable the edge. DXN run on passion, vision and a commitment to driving innovation within the data storage industry, that changes how the traditional players operate and address clear gaps in the data storage market.

The prefabricated modular data centre market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 20% world wide, whilst growth in Asia has reached 25%. But data centres have grown to meet the demand of the wholesaler, whilst forgetting about all of the other people that require services. DXN’s modular data centres are scalable, flexible and affordable and manufacture specifically based on the needs of a growing client base.

Through our two core business streams, we give you entry into both tradition data centre storage facilities and complete stand-alone prefabricated data centre solutions

DXN Modules

We design and deploy customised data centre solutions to meet the highest technical specifications for colocation facilities or edge deployments to any site globally. Our pre-fabricated modular design allows for personalisation of your data centre requirements in a scalable, modular and cost-effective way.

DXN Data Centres

Our data centres offer a highly secure environment for mission-critical computing infrastructure, with access to the cloud marketplace with a multitude of providers, only a cross-connect away.

Growing at Scale

Catering for the spectrum of computing densities, our modular building block approach is a clear market edge and will allow us to quickly scale to meet our growing demand, with our Sydney data centre deployed only four months after receiving a building permit. DXN’s ‘capital light’ approach also delivers the lowest cost per megawatt in the industry, making DXN scalable and affordable.

Awarded Best In Class

Our new data centre in Sydney Olympic Park is the first globally to achieve Uptime Institute’s Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) with a prefabricated/modular solution from the Uptime Institute TIER-Ready program. The DXN data centre design is an innovative and unique modular approach that allows for secure, personalised Tier III or Tier IV rack space. This modular approach ensures that our data centre has capacity without any compromises on reliability or quality, an assertion which has been certified.

Industry Leading Security

Access to data is pivotal for customers, and we have solutions that allow customers to access primary and backup services in our data centre. Our range of electronic and biometric security enables our clients to access the data centre, their racks and staging area at any time. Our mobile app can also be used to provide access and give complete visibility and control of key assets. This security, coupled with our 24×7 data centre operations team, means we provide anyone looking to use DXN with robust and reliable service levels, and a clear edge.

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