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DXN Limited owns, operates, designs and manufactures purpose-built data centres that bring critical communication infrastructure closer to where users need it. Our data centres are scalable, bespoke and rapidly deployable to any location globally.

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DXN Limited gives you the power.

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DXN Modules / Built to order critical communications infrastructure built and deployed when and where you need it.
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A critical success factor to support the technological advantages made possible by the Edge is the delivery of world class infrastructure and networked connectivity by carriers and service providers across the globe.

Our goal is to help you harness this technology of the future, today.

DXN Limited gives you the power.

News and Feature Articles

Tech Trends and the Value of Edge DC’s for Mining

Tech Trends and the Value of Edge DC’s for Mining

Digital technology is working harder than ever to deliver a modern, safe, and productive mine. The growth of data and productivity improvements are driving the need for better Edge infrastructure. To learn more about these tech trends and the value that DXN limited brings to the mining industry click here.

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