Streamline your journey to TCCF with DXN and the Uptime Institute.

Obtaining a Tier III or IV certification with a traditional approach to data centre design can be a protracted process, where the design follows on from the choice of facility. Imagine how much sooner a facility could be operable if you could overlay a proven Tier III / IV blueprint over almost any facility.

This is DXN’s TIER-Ready solution.

Build with the end
in mind
TIER-Certification is the ultimate endorsement of a modern data centre and proof that the way the data centre has been built is the way it was designed. It sounds simple, but anyone who has built a data centre before knows it is not that easy.

Building your data centre or fitting out a facility with DXN’s TIER-Ready modules means you’ve already completed 35% of the manufacturing and testing needed for TCCF certification. Build with DXN and save time and money on achieving your certification.

Going from TIER-Ready to TIER Certified
TIER-Ready to TCCF was our preferred method of certification for our Sydney colocation facility DXN-SYD01. It’s a journey we’ve already completed and we can guide you through the process.

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TCCF Benefits
Assures Tier Standard Performance
Definable Resiliency
Validated Data Centre Functionality
We’ve done it for ourselves, we’ve got the team to do it for you
DXN-SYD01 was one of the first modular data centres globally to work through the TIER-Ready awards program to TCCF certification.

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