The golden standard for modular and prefabricated data centre design

The Uptime TIER-Ready design review awards are a revolutionary mark of quality for prefabricated/modular data centre design. The award offers customers total peace of mind knowing that the modules that have been designed for them have been independently vetted and passed the most stringent reviews of quality, redundancy and operational excellence.
Our TIER-Ready Journey
Uptime Institute Tier Certification plays an integral part in justifying DXN’s build methodology. Justin Kellerman, DXN Limited, Chief Technical Architect, explains our TIER-Ready III and TIER-Ready IV design awards.
TIER-Ready design awards benefits
Reduces Risk:
mirroring traditional builds
Reduces Cost:
For Tier Certification of deployed solution(s)
Reduces Time:
Quicker and less complex Tier Certification
Defendable infrastructure choices and deployments
Increases availability; reduces outages
Lowers TCO with fully vetted real world designs
We’ve done it for ourselves, we’ve got the team to do it for you
DXN-SYD01 was one of the first modular data centres globally to work through the TIER-Ready awards program to TCCF certification.

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