A pocket powerhouse DC built to meet your Edge needs

If you need a small robust solution to support a single or double rack Edge deployment, DXN’s custom Micro Edge Data Centres are ideal. They have been designed for enterprise and 5G telco sites where there is a need for solutions closer to the end-user, such as the Internet of Things and 5G infrastructure.
DXN’s Micro Edge Data Centre’s
Small scale, powerful solution without compromise
Choosing a DXN Micro Edge solution could be the key to your company’s Edge computing success.
Enjoy the benefits of a Micro Edge Data Centre
Easy Deployment
A pre-manufactured fully tested solution ensuring minimal on-site engineering and installation required to deploy your data centre, significantly reducing your CAPEX.
Easy Management
Design once and deploy anywhere. With this standardised architecture and remote monitoring platform, you have total visibility of critical assets, reducing risk, operational costs and improving service levels.
Easy Expansion
A fully functional stand-alone solution. You can plan and deploy your IT assets step by step as the business grows. Buy small and upscale when you need to.