Carrier neutral with access to a marketplace of cloud providers, allowing you to connect the way you want, when you want.

Tailor your connection 

DXN offers a wide range of connectivity options ensuring your services aren’t limited in how they connect to your business and the rest of the world.

Cloud Interconnection
Our cloud marketplace gives you access to Cloud Providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Softlayer all through enabling a simple cross-connect.
Fibre Cross-Connects
DXN’s data centre cross-connects are delivered using fibre, ensuring our customers have the best of breed technology and don’t experience bandwidth issues.
Internet Services
Reliable, scalable and highly available, DXN’s Internet services have been designed to meet today’s unique business challenges. Our internet is sourced from multiple Australian wholesale telecommunications providers. Internet services are delivered using fibre from the telco area directly to your rack. DXN’s fibre optic cross-connect ensures high speed, interference-free connectivity. Dual Carrier diverse internet feeds and DXN’s next generation firewall protection assures a solid and secure digital environment.
Cloud Span
Enables businesses to connect directly and privately to public cloud providers, bypassing the internet for connectivity. Storage, accounting, ERP platforms and other workloads can now find a secure and scalable home in the public cloud. Cloud Span provides a direct connection that easily integrates into your network environment, providing an “on-premises” experience. Access all major public cloud providers with a simple cross connect from your rack, unlocking both cost saving and performance benefits.

DXN’s Connectivity Benefits

Network Diversity
Our highly connected data centre facilities offer diverse network access to a multitude of industry leading cloud and communications providers.
Manage your cross connect services on a month to month basis. Giving you the ability to manage your network connection as and when it is required.
Cloud Access
DXN has partnered with an array of leading providers to make sure we offer a comprehensive range of direct, secure cloud access.
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