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DXN Navigator, our DCIM Automation product, monitors, manages and controls your mission-critical data centre environment from a single dashboard.
What DXN Navigator can do for your business
Measurement & Control
  • Rack power – real time, historical, trending
  • Temperature – real time, historical
  • Fire suppression status
Access & Security
  • Staff access control management
  • Security CCTV video feeds and retention options
  • Define different access profiles for staff and contractors
Reports & Alerting
  • Alerting on alarms
  • Reporting on measured parameters and thresholds
  • PUE analysis
User Management
  • Lodge, review and check support and service request tickets
  • View your invoice history
  • View your service portfolio

DXN Navigator

DXN Navigator provides all this information and more in real time with extended logging capabilities to help you analyse and detect issues before they become a problem.