Reliability, security, scalability, connectivity – designed & built in from day one

Data Centre Overview

DXN offers more than just housing and powering a rack. Our Data Centre Services provide you with what’s needed to get running – an environment designed for world class reliability, telco and cloud connectivity and state of the art security – plus what’s needed to help you grow – scalability, flexibility and affordability.

At the heart of our data centre design is an innovative and unique modular approach that allows for secure, personalised Tier III or Tier IV rack space for all your technology infrastructure. This modular approach ensures that each data centre has capacity without any compromises on reliability or quality.

Catering for the spectrum of computing densities, our modular building block approach allows us to quickly scale to meet your demand. Choose from Tier III compliant data centre modules with peace of mind from design certification by the Uptime Institute.

Carrier neutrality and access to a marketplace of cloud provider connectivity means you are assured of connecting the way you want, when you need to. All customers receive a complementary 10 Mbps Internet service and you can upgrade to bandwidths of 1Gbps and beyond easily.

We understand that security must go hand in hand with reliability and our modular approach to building data centres enhances your ability to segregate and physically secure your equipment.

Our range of electronic and biometric security enables you to access the data centre, your racks and staging area at any time. Our mobile app can also be used to provide this access and give you complete visibility and control of your assets. This security, coupled with our 24X7 data centre operations team, means we provide you with robust and reliable service levels.

Our data centres are conveniently located near the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs, allowing for easy customer access when required. We have solutions that allow you to access primary and backup services across both our data centres or you can use our data centres in combination with your key offices to create a robust IT environment.

At the heart of our data centre design is an innovative and unique modular approach that allows for secure, personalised Tier III or Tier IV rack space for all your technology infrastructure.

DXN-SYD01 Modular Colocation & Data Centre Services

If you’re looking for a Tier III or Tier IV facility, tailored to your infrastructure needs, our innovative data centre facilities are a perfect fit.

Cardin Bransgrove, DXN’s Head of Sales and Data Centre Services , gives an overview of the services and benefits of choosing DXN-SYD01, our new Sydney Data Centre Facility, as your core Data Centre.


Our Sydney Data Centre is conveniently located in the heart of Sydney Olympic Park and we can offer your own secure module in our data centre – a data centre within a data centre! Our state of the art facility is reliable – Uptime Institute certified and has connectivity to other major data centres via a selection of carriers.


Our Melbourne data centre is located close to the CBD in Port Melbourne and will be completed in 2020. If you’re looking for a reliable data centre in Melbourne to house your IT infrastructure with secured personalised areas, our modular approach is the perfect answer.

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10 services DXN offers Data Centre customers

When it comes choosing a Data Centre provider there are more boxes to tick now than ever. DXN offers all the services of a traditional Data Centre plus our unique modular approach provides even more features and reasons to consider DXN as your provider of choice for Data Centre services.

We are TIER-Ready

The Uptime Institute Tier Certification plays an integral part in DXN’s design methodology – it provides our customers with an independent assessment of our reliability. A testament to our team’s engineering ability is the certification by Uptime Institute to TIER-Ready III and TIER-Ready IV.

Quality of Design and Build

We strive to deliver consistency and improve efficiency throughout every step of our operation. We embrace quality through continual improvement. The result is our operational management system that has been certified to ISO 9001.

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