Mining, Oil and Gas

Built to house the heart of the modern automation. Every DXN Mining module is purpose built, rugged, resilient and reliable. We take every imaginable step to ensure that our modules are manufactured to leading industry standards and will withstand harsh remote environments.


  • Dark Site Management
  • Rugged and Resilient
  • Custom Designed

Scalable Edge Infrastructure is integral to the success of any connected environment

It’s more than a container. It’s the home for comms, power generation, LTE networks and IT edge deployments. ISO Modules provide robust, secure and adaptable solutions for deploying critical IT and edge infrastructure. Our modules can be easily transported by air, sea, road and rail for rapid deployment in virtually any environment. DXN’s prefabricated modules are available in various standard configurations complete with, power, cooling and environmental monitoring solutions that can be customised on request to meet the most demanding applications.