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DXN Modules Overview

Our data centre modules are turnkey prefabricated solutions that are scalable, purpose built and rapidly deployable globally. They can be used for a number of applications – Edge Data Centres, Cable Landing Stations, Telecommunications Facilities and more. DXN can deploy customised data centre capacity to meet any technical specifications for commercial colocation class facilities and edge deployments. Our Tier III / IV certified design designs also allow for personalisation of your data centre requirements in a more scalable and modular cost-effective way. Full maintenance and support options are also available.

Designed and built in Australia

    • Every data centre module is designed and custom built according to each customer’s requirements.
    • Complete fabrication and testing in our factory under the supervision of the designers ensures a high quality result.
    • Our data centre modules can be designed to meet stringent standards in addition to the Tier III /IV design certification.
    • Electrical, mechanical and security systems are configured, tested and verified in the factory ready for simple integration when on site.
    • Rugged designs are suitable for all environments and applications – outdoors, rooftops, warehouses, oil rigs, remote sites, and more.

At the heart of our data centre design is an innovative and unique modular approach that allows for secure, personalised Tier III or Tier IV rack space for all your technology infrastructure.

Value Proposition and Key Differentiators

Quality of Design And Build
Every data centre is custom built as per each customer’s requirements by our Australian based design, engineering and manufacturing team.

Vendor Agnostic
With ever-increasing data centre size and complexity, we understand the need for equipment and vendor flexibility and work with our customer’s requirements.  Our vendor agnostic approach avoids vendor lock in and our custom design approach facilitates budgetary and technical requirements.

TIER-Ready III and IV Awards
DXN has become the first modular data centre developer to receive both TIER-Ready III and TIER-Ready IV design review awards.

Accelerated Time To Market
Factory prefabrication of the data centre modules allows civil, electrical and mechanical site works to be completed in parallel, reducing project delivery times dramatically.

Support and Monitoring
DXN offers a 24x7 Support Team that can be contacted via web, email or phone.

Custom Built Modules
DXN builds custom-designed modules for various markets, including hyperscale colocation Edge, Cable landing stations etc with strong in house engineering resources.

Modularity and Scalable
DXN designs for maximum flexibility to reduce the risk associated with future capacity planning issues. Our solutions offer substantially smaller upfront capital investment than traditional data centre offerings.

Robust Solution
DXN engineer, manufacture and deploy a range of transportable, energy efficient, ruggedised modules ideal for remote site operations and rural areas. Modules can be specified to withstand harsh environments such as zone 4 seismic conditions, category 5 cyclones and also have surface protection for highly saline coastal conditions.

DXN Module Types

DXN takes modularity another step forward and offers 3 standard sizes that you can choose to suit your initial requirements
and any subsequent expansion.

DXN Module A2

Floor Space in sqm
56 sqm

Max No of Racks

External Dimensions
12.2m (L) x 4.88m (W) x 3.3m (H)

DXN Module A1

Floor Space in sqm
28 sqm

Max No of Racks

External Dimensions
12.2m (L) x 4.88m (W) x 3.3m (H)

DXN Module B1

Floor Space in sqm
14 sqm

Max No of Racks

External Dimensions
6.06m (L) x 2.44m (W) x 3.3m (H)

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Built by Industry Specialists

Each of DXN’s data centre modules is designed, engineered and manufactured in our Western Australian manufacturing facility that is home to our team of engineers, fabricators and project managers. We offer a range of in-house Data Centre design services including concept design, engineering, electrical, networking / telecommunications, installation, operation and maintenance.

A testament to our team’s ability was gaining the Uptime Institute TIER-Ready III and TIER-Ready IV awards, notably the first of its kind for a modular Data Centre manufacturer. DXN’s expertise gives our customers the surety that they are receiving a solution that will perform with high reliability designed in.

How DXN delivers

  • Highly skilled trade fabricators
  • A team of design, structural and electrical engineers to design, plan and build
  • All design and manufacturing staff at the one location
  • A culture of striving to deliver consistency, quality and improving efficiency at every step of our operation.
  • Embracing quality through continual improvement.
  • A vendor agnostic approach to source the best products for each application.

Maintenance and Support Options

Peace of mind is of paramount importance to our clients. DXN has a range of maintenance and support solutions to keep your data centre optimal.

Customer Portal
DXN is developing a mobile app that allows customers to easily monitor and manage their data centre.
Support Centre Based out of our DXN-SYD01 Sydney Data Centre, DXN operates a 24x7 Support Centre, contactable via web, email or phone.
Scheduled maintenance will provide comfort that your Data Centre continues to operate as designed.
Remote Hands
Our team of highly skilled engineers are ready to support you with on-site expertise.
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