Highly Availability
– Design That Way

Obtaining a Tier III or IV certification with traditional approach to data centre design can be a protracted process, where the design follows on from the choice of facility.  Imagine how much sooner a facility could be operable if you could overlay a proven Tier III / IV blueprint over almost any facility.

This is the DXN TIER-Ready solution – a new and disruptive approach to building-out colocation space, deploying capacity using multiple 1MW blocks of infrastructure that can be configured in modules that meet the design principles outlined in Uptime Institute’s TIER-Ready III and TIER-Ready IV specification under one roof.

Clients are offered unprecedented flexibility with completely customisable power and cooling settings available on a module-by-module basis. This means they can choose the level of resilience they require and optimise operating costs by setting the environment within their modules to suit their hosted technology. By adhering to an ISO modular footprint, our DC infrastructure can be easily shipped anywhere in the world cost effectively.