“Server hugging” It sounds cute but it’s far from it. It is a phrase coined by market analyst Forrester. It describes any person who doesn’t feel safe unless they can physically touch their server. That usually means housing your IT infrastructure on-prem. 

Although this sounds well and good, let’s face it, no in-house server room is set up to compete with the services offered by a modern colocation facility, in terms of safety, security, disaster recovery, backup and connectivity.

How much damage would your company face if your internal server room was compromised? Are there any benefits to clinging to your company’s server room or is it all risk?

Downsizing, diversifying, or relocating are ways to adapt to changing staff dynamics, cut costs or modify business operations. Being tied down by your IT infrastructure in one location can limit your options.

DXN Limited in partnership with Chill IT provide services that will allow you to de-link your business from your IT infrastructure.

If you are looking to free yourself from your server room, expand your computing power or virtualise your business for migration to the cloud, DXN and Chill IT can help. We’re here to help guide you through your migration process and make sure you feel safe and confident in your new IT environment.

Learn more about the DXN Limited’s Sydney Olympic Park colocation facility, DXN-SYD01, by clicking here.

“Keeping your server on your premises is holding your business back. DXN and Chill IT is here to guide you through every step of your colocation journey”

Michael Smith
Connectivity Hub Director,
DXN Limited

DXN-SYD01 Facility Gallery

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