The Uptime Institute TIER-Ready Design Awards are a revolutionary mark of reliability and resiliency for prefabricated/modular data centre design. 

Customers who are pushing computing to the edge, look for this award when choosing a prefabricated modular solution.


Certified Equals Peace of Mind

Prefabricated modular data centres and TIER-Ready certifications go hand in hand.

Uptime’s TIER-Ready certification ensures that the prefabricated product design has been independently vetted and passed the most stringent reviews of quality, redundancy, and resiliency. The Uptime Institute is the golden standard for all data centre certification and trusted benchmark for data centre design. Their TIER-Ready Design awards ensure that modular data centers enjoy the same level of reliability. The achievement of this award ensures peace of mind that the solution they have designed is fit for purpose.

Choosing a prefabricated data centre solution ensures that the build goes from project to product in a completely controlled environment. The solution is fully tested and meets all compliance before being deployed to site. That means no last minute surprises.

What you’ve designed is what you get.

TIER-Ready Directly to TCCF Saves Time

TIER Certified Constructed Facility (TCCF) is the Uptime Institute’s most recognised data centre standard and is a must have for a trusted data center operator. It’s proof that the design and build of the facility is credible. The time in achieving this certification can be greatly reduced by working through the Uptime Institutes TIER-Ready Awards. TIER-Ready Certified Designs enable a smooth progression to full TIER Certified Constructed Facility (TCCF).

By selecting a product that is already TIER-Ready certified, Data Centre Operators will not have to perform any further design certification to achieve TCCF. TIER-Ready means that you have already successfully completed your Design review which is the first step towards completing any specific TIER Certification. This allows the Data Centre Operators to go ahead and build their facility based on  TIER-Ready designs and enables them to move directly to TIER Certified Constructed Facility (TCCF) certification upon completion of build and commissioning.

With your design criteria met and passed there is no need to pay for this step in the certification process. This means a cost savings of as much as 40% as opposed to working through the traditional certification route.

DXN has already successfully demonstrated this approach in their own Sydney Data centre, DXN-SYD01, by transitioning seamlessly from TIER-Ready to TCCF.

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Same Design. Multiple Sites

A TIER-Ready product enables you to utilize the same solution on multiple sites without having to do a Design Certification for each site. This simplification and standardisation of this product greatly benefit customers looking to target multiple deployment sites. For this reason, DXN has worked closely with the Uptime Institute to have our latest products, DXN-C1-90 and DXN-C1-250, both TIER-Ready certified for TIER III designs, specifically for EDGE data centres.

DXN’s aim is to deliver a consistent prefabricated data centre design that is repeatable and ready to be rapidly rolled out to any site globally.

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